Lionel Messi: We Will Try

Barcelona has had a string of shaky performances in the Champions League this season, but so far they have been able to count on Messi to save them from their woes, as he did in the two previous rounds against AC Milan (overcoming a 2-goal deficit,) and PSG.

Pep Guardiola Set For Munich

Pep Guardiola

As the most successful club in Germany prepares to receive the most successful coach in recent times, we revisit history and prepare for the shockwave that’s coming to the sport next season.

Jose Mourinho Might Rehire Chelsea

Jose Mourinho

Rated a 6.68 / 10 manager by a survey of Real Madrid fans, and with 62% of those fans saying that Mourinho is damaging the image of the prestigious club, perhaps it is no coincidence that The Special One continues to spread his own rumors tying him to a Chelsea move. Although just over half the Madrid fans would still have him next season, the eccentric manager seems to be seriously considering rehiring Chelsea towards his ambitions.

The 2012 Dream Team

FIFA team of the year 2012
Age of Pressing team of the year 2012

With nothing but La Liga players, the 2012 FIFA team of the year highlights the dominance of Barcelona and Real Madrid in the club world, as well as the Spanish team at a national level, and the Spanish style of play at the height of success in our current times.

The dream team of 11 men features 5 players from Barcelona and 5 from Real Madrid. The only player not from one of these two teams is Falcao, the rising-star Colombian striker that plays for Atletico Madrid.

Support For Milan, But Walk-offs Are Not The Answer

Sepp Blatter, FIFA

An update on the battle against racism in the sport, following the Milan walk-off:

Cristiano Ronaldo spoke in support of Kevin Prince Boateng and the walk-off, while uncommitted to this approach as a solution.

Match Analysis

Arsenal 0 - 2 Manchester City - 1/13/2013

The highlight of this match was the referee’s hand on the player count. At 10’ Mike Dean saw an aggressive jostle inside the box, thought of it as a tackle and decided not only to award the penalty but also to exact the maximum card on Koscielny. Most of the players were as surprised as the spectators, not only given the venue and clock, but also the triviality of this type of jostle in the EPL. Arsenal fans were hurt by the call but soon uplifted as Dzeko shot the penalty into Szczesny.

Malaga 3 - 2 Real Madrid

GK selection aside, Real Madrid came to the field playing a rushed and ultimately inferior approach from the early stages of the game. Despite of creating many opportunities they were not really able to find a winning pace until the last few minutes when Málaga switched to a containment mentality.

Manchester City 2-2 Ajax

Ajax played their game with balance, were able to get their goals, and kept City from outscoring them even after a frantic second-half dominated by City's resilience in making something happen.

From The Web

Joe Hart: There’s No Love for Goalies

Joe Hart

Better Football has an interview with Manchester City's #1 Joe Hart. The England goalie discusses growing up as a player and the relationship between keepers and infield players. Read the Interview:

Is Possession for Everyone?

An analysis at Magic Spongers, sparked by an opinion at The Guardian that passing and pressing are at the heart of the sport's foreseeable future:

"Football has undergone a process of bielsafication; pressing and possessing, passing rather than dribbling, intercepting high up the field rather than making last-ditch tackles, are in vogue."