Pep Guardiola Set For Munich

Pep Guardiola

As the most successful club in Germany prepares to receive the most successful coach in recent times, we revisit history and prepare for the shockwave that’s coming to the sport next season.

Everyone is looking for a quote or an explanation. Although rumors were linking Pep with the German giants, they were also being dismissed officially even the day before the announcement. And since the confirmation of the three year contract effective in July, Munich has been living in chaos. Thomas Mueller and Philipp Lahm are tired of being asked about it while they try to concentrate on the current season.

Pep Guardiola Definitely Not To Chelsea

The rumors tying Pep to Chelsea were resilient, perhaps prompted directly by Chelsea’s own Abramovich. However, it seemed unlikely that a manager with Guardiola’s reputation would settle for a club that shows little commitment towards stable leadership.  Other EPL teams considered to be good candidates included Arsenal, Manchester City, and even Manchester United in taking over upon Ferguson’s retirement, continuing the tradition of excellence at the club.

In the end, as Guardiola is set for the Bundesliga his appointment will bring a lot of well warranted attention to Germany. Bayern Munich is known for having a strong squad capable of great things, which they have proved by winning enough trophies in the last few years, and getting within arms-length of a few more. Many have been clamoring that the quality available in Germany is worthy of all forms of recognition, and with Pep drawing the cameras in, teams like Bayern Munich and Borussia Dortmund are bound to get more global attention in the years to come… perhaps enough to break the spell that Spanish clubs have on the FIFA ratings.

Set for International Silverware

Although the squad made it to the UEFA final twice in the last few years only to taste defeat, Bayern Munich has won the UEFA Champions 4 times - as many times as Barcelona. Taking a look back, the first time Barcelona won the UEFA cup in 1992 was with young Pep wearing the uniform as a player, while the last two of Barcelona’s UEFA wins were with Guardiola at the helm.

Perhaps what matters most is the potential for success. The Bayern Munich chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge made it clear that big money was not the driving factor behind Pep’s decision, "I think he was impressed with our overall concept." It is most likely that Guardiola sees in the club that has won 22 national titles and 15 cups, a wealth of talent and professionalism, as well as the building blocks of a style of football that flows to his liking, high in possession and skilled play.

Modesty aside, Bayern Munich also has the wealth, facilities, youth development and winning drive of a world-class team. If anyone had doubts left regarding their ambition, such doubts are put to rest now that the Germans have tied their future to the young superstar Spanish head coach.


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